Formation Charterer’s Liability Insurance Professional Team


In order to co-ordinate business management and charterer’s liability insurance business, give full play to the advantages of professionals and technicians, speed up the development of charterer’s insurance market, the company integrated and enriched original charterer’s liability insurance resources and personnel, set up charterer’s liability insurance department on July 28. All the staffs in this department have graduated from well-known domestic and international maritime institutions specializing maritime law, and had a period of professional work experience. The department will focus on chartering business and dealing with claims, learning and interpreting hot issues and typical cases on chartering, and sharing with clients timely, in order to help clients practical do a good job on risk management and efforts to reduce accidents rate. The foundation of charterer’s liability insurance department will  enable the company to have a more professional and standard development on charterer’s liability insurance in order to constantly adapt to growing demand for risk management of clients. It has a positive meaning to develop charterer’s liability insurance business, gain an advantage at the development of chartering business and promote the development of company’s business. The company have had Mr. Yao Hongxiu(professor of Shanghai Maritime University law school and expert on chartering business and maritime law) as a technical consultant. This has provided a strong technical support on chartering business.