Ballast Water Sampling, Ukraine *Update* 乌克兰压载水取样事件的更新报道

来源: 北英保赔协会@ 2018.07.16


Ukrainian ecological inspectors are now granted the authority to board vessels and take samples of ballast water. As such there has been an increase in the number of enquiries received regarding this matter.



North’s correspondent in the Ukraine has issued the following advice based on recent ballast water sampling inspections:



· Ensure that a ballast exchange is completed in the Black Sea while the vessel is still on passage.


· Allow the inspectors access as required to the vessel.


· Do not allow samples to be taken of any segregated ballast.


· Allow the inspectors to review records of ballasting operations if they request to see them.


· Never leave the inspector alone, ensure a member of the ship’s crew is present at all times.



There are reports of inspector’s claiming to have spotted pollution in the harbor in and around the vessel. Should the Master have such an issue with the attending surveyor he should contact North or their correspondent immediately.



The Master should then inform the inspector that they will arrange a joint survey of the waters around the vessel alongside a port state control representative, P&I representative and the ship’s officers. Should any evidence of pollution be noted at this time then samples from the ballast tanks will be permitted with all parties present.